Pierre-Jean Llado

Pierre-Jean Llado

His art

As an artist who started out with abstraction and moved on to the figurative, Jean-Pierre Llado’s subject matter is quite widespread: costume parties, portraits and women, characters picked out of dreams, landscapes and urban vistas… His thick lively strokes make for a spontaneous and singular signature style. His grasp of colour and story-telling lend his work a harmonious quality, a presence. Due to his quasi-architectural arrangements, his paintings resound like colourful snapshots.

His life

Born in 1948 with Catalan origins, Pierre-Jean Llado has been painting since 1979. His works are shown in France and all over the world: Montreal, China, Turkey, London and Paris. The Museum in Aix-les-Bains has acquired two of his canvases.

Pierre-Jean Llado


Cultural or artistic influences

The techniques used

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