Padraig Creston

Padraig Creston

His art

Padraig Creston’s abstract and representational paintings are highly sensitive in expression, abound with shades and nuances. They are often strongly evocative of Nature’s powerful forces, such as the ocean and the wind, but also granite and sand, his house being built on top of a cliff facing the crashing waves of the ocean. The elements, however, may stand as metaphors for the storms and obstacles found in life. His quest for sublimation incites him to combine his passions for nature and human experience into his art, thus expressing his own deeper emotions freely.

“I see myself as an archaeologist of life. I seek to materialize the reflections of matter as it is being sculpted by light and to use poetic variations to reveal their symbolism. It is truly magical how light shapes itself into whatever it encounters. The pictorial art gives colour, music and form to the successive strata of depth found in man.”

His life

Padraig Creston is from Brittany, and the son of the painter René Yves Creston. Born in 1948, he studied literature, philosophy and art history before entering the National School of Applied Arts in Paris. He worked in the press and the publishing business, and as a freelancer illustrator and artistic director in advertising agencies. He also illustrated several books on Brittany. In 1993, he decided to live solely from his painting.

Padraig Creston

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  • “Dire un éclat”

    "Dire un éclat" 80x80
  • mon île Padraig Creston

    “Mon île”

    Taille 61×50 cm