Olivier Rebecq

Olivier Rebecq

His art

Olivier Rebecq’s passion for photography struck during a long stay in Shanghai. The architectural, social and cultural contrasts of this exceptional city fascinated him. He also acquired a taste for black and white pictures and dark atmospheres.

His art captures a plurality of visions in interlocking tree stumps, the streets of Paris, etc. In one of his pictures, a beautiful snowy mountain is seen through the window of a common white van – the urban everyday superimposed on Nature’s timeless beauty. His sensitivity unveils a world of unfathomable riches.

His life

Olivier Rebecq is a young photographer whose father, Yann Rebecq, is a painter from Provence. He travels a lot and enjoys shooting other vistas, both urban and rural, as in Japan and Italy. His passion for art and analogue photographs has led him to participate in exhibitions in Hong Kong, at the Asia Contemporary Art Show and the Affordable Art Fair.

Olivier Rebecq

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  • Olivier Rebecq Reflets d'Automne

    Olivier Rebecq Reflets d’Automne

    Olivier Rebecq Reflets d'Automne