Isabelle del Piano

Isabelle del Piano

Her art

During a trip to Egypt, Isabelle del Piano discovered a quality of light that will become her inspiration as a painter, as well as characteristic shades of colour. Golden sand, for instance, becomes her base for sketches, with the tinted hues of djellabas and palm trees. Her paintings, pure and serene, exude an unalterable sense of eternity. She enjoys depicting the Maghreb, Africa, Afghanistan, India and China and its Kachgar market. Her work invokes the relationship between men and animals, of which she seems to favour the horse. The tales of traveling writers are another source of inspiration, with their abundant pictures and memories. The admirer feels drawn, tenderly so, to rest within the soft and colorful setting of her paintings, the intimate atmosphere. Or to imagine a story to fill the somewhat unencumbered places they outline.

Her life

Born in 1955, Isabelle del Piano studied the decorative arts. She has been exhibiting her representational paintings for a number of years, both in France and abroad.

Isabelle del Piano

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