Béatrice Migliore

Béatrice Migliore

Her art

Using acrylic and a palette knife, Beatrice Migliore expresses her inner world and a desire for balance and harmony in her semi-representational paintings. Every canvas tells a tale – whether experienced, dreamed or invented – of which there remains only a mere trace and the bare emotion so as to leave it open to interpretation. Her themes explore conceptual abstractions such as freedom and love and her quest is that of simplification and light.

“I choose to cultivate doubt in the process of defining myself. I sow images, sometimes at random, I give them structure and deconstruct them until the perfect harmony is attained and I can find my balance.”

Her life

Self-taught, Beatrice Migliore has been exhibiting her paintings since the 1980s. She was awarded several prizes. She also teaches art to both adults and children.

Béatrice Migliore

Les Supports

Les influences culturelles ou artistiques

Les techniques utilisées

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  • Convergence

    Convergence 20x20
  • La presqu’île

    La presqu'île 60x60
  • Mer calme

    Mer calme 40x40
  • Petite escapade

    Petite escapade 20x20
  • Prochaines vacances

    Prochaines vacances 20x20
  • Placeholder

    Une histoire

    Une histoire 30x30
  • Une Île

    Une Île 80x80 - Acrylique sur toile